• WEEK 1

Media Studies

Media Studies

A-Level AQA 1571/2571

Course Outline

You will develop a critical understanding of the subject through engagement with a range of media products, such as e-media, broadcasting and print; printed communications; cross media studies from broadcast fiction, film fiction, documentary, lifestyle, music, news and sport. An exploration of production processes and technologies enables you to
enjoy and appreciate the media and its role in your daily life. A substantial part of the course focuses on independent research, which involves the preproduction and planning of a practical production, and requires both technical and creative skills; knowledge of relevant codes and conventions; relevance of platforms and target audiences; production in broadcast, emedia and conventional print media and, finally, an evaluation of your own work. At A2 the media is considered from a more critical perspective, involving the study of representation in the media and the impact of new digital media, media issues, debates and theories. This critical approach is the subject of the final unit, a critical investigation.

Course Modules

Year 12—AS Media Studies

Unit 1 Investigating the Media (examination)
Unit 2 Creating the Media (practical, coursework)

Year 13—A2 Media Studies

Unit 3 Critical Perspectives (examination)
Unit 4 Critical investigation (coursework – has a practical element)

Further Study and Career Opportunities

Media Studies is an excellent A-Level which will complement other subjects, whatever discipline, in preparing for a world dominated by media. Media also is a very desirable A-Level with an Arts course, linking with all branches of Arts disciplines.