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A-Level OCR (MEI) 3895/7895

Course Outline

A-Level Mathematics is a very marketable qualification and fits in very well with all combinations of AS and A2 subjects. It requires a mind that enjoys solving problems and one that can construct a logical argument. Students should have a
GCSE Grade C Higher Tier (min) in Mathematics but a higher grade is preferable. The course examines the Pure (Core) and Applied elements of mathematics. At the start of the course, students study Core 1, where they re-visit topics that were
first met at GCSE but are then extended with more mathematical rigour. After the first term students are introduced the Calculus, which was developed by Newton in England and Leibnitz in Germany. Algebraic techniques are further researched.
Applied Mathematics uses the techniques developed in Core and use them to solve practical problems such as why things move (Mechanics), how probabilities can be used to test hypotheses (Statistics) and how a postman may decide to organise his route (Decision).

Course Modules

Year 12- AS Mathematics

Core 1 – Coordinate Geometry and Algebraic techniques
Core 2 – Further Algebra, Sequences, Trigonometry and Calculus
Statistics 1 – Probability and the Binomial Distribution

Year 13- A2 Mathematics

Core 3 – Exponentials and Logarithms, Numerical Methods and Calculus
Core 4 – More complex elements of Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus; Vectors .
Decision Maths – Using Algorithms to solve practical problems
There is only one piece of coursework in the Core 3 module which is worth 20% of
the module result

Future Career Opportunities

A recent survey found that those with A-Level Mathematics earned, on average, 10% more than those without a Maths A-Level – perhaps not the main reason for choosing Maths but an interesting statistic. Mathematics A-Level supports many other subjects and is regarded very highly by all university courses and employers. Your A-Level can lead to university courses in
Maths, Physics, Engineering, Biology, Accountancy, Business, Sports Science and many more.