• WEEK 1

Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care

A-Level OCR H103/H503

Course outline

This a demanding course for those wanting to work in the care sector. It covers ‘health’, ‘early years ’ and ‘social care’. Students will learn the skills that are required in fields such as research, evaluation and problem solving in work related
situations, therefore real or fictitious case studies are used. There is a large amount of coursework and for this reason students who wish to take the subject should be self disciplined, independent and willing to meet deadlines.
In Year 12, students learn about attitudes and prejudices and rights and responsibilities. They look at the importance of equal access to services, how human rights underpin all practical caring and how organisations promote quality
care. Students will learn how effective communication values individuals, and learn about Health Promotion and lifestyle choices. This knowledge will then be used to plan and carry out a small health promotion campaign. In Year 13, we look at how health and social care providers work together in teams to meet the needs of individuals, how methods put in place to ensure high standards of care and how national policies and law affect local service provision. Students will also use a case study to investigate the development of children from birth to eight years and the factors that influence a child’s development. This will culminate in the planning and making of a learning aid for a case study child.

Course modules

Year 12 – AS Health and Social Care

Promoting quality care – exam module
Communication in care settings – coursework
Promoting good health – coursework

Year 13 – A2 Health and Social Care

Care practice and provision – coursework
Child Development – coursework
Anatomy and Physiology in practice – exam OR other to suit students preference.


Future career opportunities

AS and A-Level Health and Social Care will support many careers or university applications. It provides a good foundation for entering the health and social care sector, such as a teacher, nursery nurse, health visitor, nurse (paediatric and adult), social worker or occupational therapist.