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A-Level OCR F701/F702/F703/F704

Course outline

A-Level French is a challenging but rewarding course, which not only looks at how the French language works but also gives a great in-depth look at French society and French speaking countries. Each year you will research a topic of interest to you in order to present it in a speaking exam. You will also sit a listening, reading and writing exam.

Course modules

Year 12- AS French

Module Passerelle: GCSE / A-Level transition.
Module 1 En famille et entre amis: relationships and changes in family structures.
Module 2 En pleine forme: discussing health.
Module 3 Les médias: the French press and the influence of media on young people.
Module 4 Les nouveaux médias et la musique: the importance of new media.
Module 5 La culture des loisirs: the history of French cinema, the role of theatre & festivals.
Module 6 Vivre sa vie: different living patterns.
Module 7 Allez les sportifs: French sport stars and the health benefits of sport.
Module 8 Le tourisme: the pros and cons of tourism and its impact on holiday destinations.
Module 9 Le lycée, et après: the French and British education systems and should school do more to prepare young people for the world of work.

Year 13 – A2 French

Module 1 France, terre d’ asile: the history and evolution of immigration in France.
Module 2 La criminalité et les forces de l’ ordre: internet crime, young people and punishment.
Module 3 Richesse, pauvreté et chômage: poverty, unemployment and marginalisation. Discussing global strategies to combat poverty.
Module 4 Nos besoins énergétiques: the greenhouse effect and renewable energy.
Module 5 Comment protéger la planète: our responsibilities in protecting the environment.
Module 6 Les technologies nouvelles: new technologies and ethical issues.
Module 7 La littérature et les arts: focused on Albert Camus François Truffaut.
Module 8 Questions de politique: politics, war and terrorism.
Module 9 Patrie, Europe et francophonie: looking at the French-speaking world.

Future studies and Career opportunities

Further Education Colleges and Universities often cite the ability to learn a foreign language as one of the deciding factors in granting places on their courses. This is particularly important at a time when getting the university place you want is harder than ever and UK businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the need to move beyond English. It is difficult to think of a single career area where language skills are not an advantage. In an increasingly globalised world, the importance of learning a Modern Foreign Language has been recognised as being more valuable than ever and will be a great asset whatever your future career plans will be.