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Extended Project (EPQ) Level 3

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Extended Project (EPQ) Level 3


Course Outline

This qualification gives students an
opportunity to exercise their abilities
beyond those used in their normal A-Levels.
It also helps to prepare them for university
or their future career. They can also use it to
earn extra UCAS points. The Extended
Project Qualification is equivalent to an
AS Level and is graded on a six grade scale,
A* to E.
It allows students to develop their
knowledge in areas that are of personal
interest and not part of their chosen A ‘Levels. The project can be done
individually or as part of a group and helps students to:
  • mature into critical, reflective and independent learners;
  • develop and apply decision-making and problem-solving skills;
  • increase planning, research, analysis, synthesis, evaluation and presentation skills;
  • apply new technologies confidently ; demonstrate creativity, initiative and enterprise.

Required evidence

All students follow the same basic project process and have to complete a
project, a written report, a presentation and a production log.
Please note that it is also possible to study for the EPQ at levels 1 & 2.

Further study and career opportunities

The EPQ develops many of the important study skills that you will need
when you start university. It is also something extra to add on to a UCAS/
job application and shows that you are able to work independently. It also
may give you an opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding in
an area on which you may choose to focus at degree level or for a career.