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English Literature

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English Literature

A-Level AQA 1746/2746

Course Outline

We will approach literary texts through the exploration of reading 
processes. In AS Unit 1 the focus is on comparing the ways in which stories are told and construct different realities for different readers. In AS Unit 2 students are introduced to different ways of considering notions of genre. In A2 Unit 3 students are encouraged to look at the ways in which texts produce and reproduce cultural meanings, in particular by considering the ways in which genre labels are used to categorise and
re-categorise texts.In Unit 4, through a process of independent reading,
students will be able to synthesise skills learnt earlier by writing
a comparative response to texts. Unit 4 will also offerstudents the
opportunity to reflect on different critical methods which can be
used when exploring literature.

Course Modules

Year 12 – AS English Literature

Unit 1: Aspects of Narrative (Exam)
Unit 2: Dramatic Genres (Coursework)

Year 13 – A2 English Literature

Unit 3: Texts and Genres (Exam)
Unit 4: Further Independent Reading (Coursework)

Further study and Career Opportunities

An A-level in English Literature is very highly regarded by higher education
institutions and is considered a rigorous course. It is good preparation for a
degree in teaching, law, communications, media, advertising, philosophy
and history.