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English Language

English Language

A-Level AQA 1706/2706

Course Outline

A-Level English Language is a challenging but fascinating course, which looks at how the English language really works, how society’s attitude to it is changing, how it has developed into the language we use today and how
children learn to use it. There is also a substantial piece of coursework in each year. During the AS year you will write your own texts and analyse your own writing style. During your A2 year you will carry out a substantial investigation into the use of English in a subject of interest to you and write a media-style article on the same subject. Topics researched in the past
have tried to answer questions such as: Do male and female comedians use fundamentally different language styles? How do contemporary political speeches compare with those of a hundred years ago? What is the real difference in the reporting of the news on different TV channels? Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, Gordon Ramsey and Delia Smith—what does their
language say about them?

Course Modules

Year 12 – AS English Language

Unit 1 – Categorising Texts and the importance of social contexts on
language - Exam
Unit 2 – Creating Texts - Coursework

Year 13 – A2 English Language

Unit 3 – Developing Language – Exam
Unit 4 – Investigating Language – Coursework

Future Study and Career Opportunities

Although an A-Level in English Language is regarded as a good, academic qualification for applying to a degree in English, Linguistics, Law and other humanities-based courses it is also a key qualification for entering a wide
variety of careers, such as teaching, journalism, speech therapy, research, media, writing, administration, politics, public relations, advertising, the theatre and the leisure industry.