• WEEK 1

Economics and Business

Economics and Business

A-Level Edexcel 8EB01/9EB01

Course Outline

This innovative GCE allows students to integrate the study of Business Studies with the fundamentals of Economics. In Year 12, the focus is on entrepreneurial skills and these are built upon and given a global perspective in Year 13. Though
the first year of this course, students gain a sound insight into the world of Business through a study of how businesses and entrepreneurs develop new ideas and an appreciation of the fundamentals of business economics. In the second
year of the course they will develop an understanding of the world of international business and the wider impacts of economics upon both businesses and society in general. All units in this course are externally assessed through terminal

Future Career Opportunities

The combination of both Economics and Business provides students with the fundamental understanding necessary to continue the study of either of these subjects at a higher level, or in combination with other A-levels to go on to study
in a wide range of areas including Law and Politics. This course is also a perfect stepping stone into Employment or Apprenticeships at middle management levels.

Course Modules

Year 12

Unit 1: Developing a New Business Idea – covers the characteristics needed to be a successful entrepreneur, and the processes needed for businesses either to develop existing products or to bring a new product idea successfully to market.
Unit 2: Business Economics – looks at the market within which businesses operate and the influence of external factors like competition and macroeconomics on the success or failure of businesses. Students consider the tools Businesses have to
mitigate the negative effects of these influences and minimise uncertainty through their actions.

Year 13

Unit 3: International Business – students explore the issues that businesses trading internationally need to consider.
Unit 4: The Wider Economic Environment and Business – students consider why certain markets fail, how government decisions can affect the economy and markets in which businesses operate. Through this unit students should be able
to assess why some economic policies succeed or fail and why regulation of some markets is necessary.