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Design Technology - Product Design 3D

Design Technology–Product Design 3D

A-Level AQA 1551/2551

Course Outline

Product design is an exciting and challenging course that combines the development of practical skills with knowledge and understanding of material properties and manufacturing processes. Product design allows you the freedom to creatively develop a solution to a design problem in a material(s) area of your choice. You are encouraged to develop a broad
view of design and technology through product analysis and the study of iconic design pieces. You will also develop your capacity to design and make products and to appreciate the complex relations between design, materials, manufacture and marketing. At AS level you will develop an understanding of a broad range of materials, with emphasis on the life
cycle of products, manufacture and final disposal. The specification also considers the broader issues for the designer including the environmental sustainability of products and consumer safety. You will achieve this through the completion of three designs and make themed projects. At A2, the specification offers you the opportunity to further develop your
knowledge and practical skills from AS. You will continue to develop a body of coursework in the form of one major project title of your choice alongside an understanding of the processes and procedures of commercial production and manufacture:

Course Modules

Year 12 – AS Product Design 3D

Unit 1: Materials, Components and Application (Exam)
Unit 2: Learning Through Designing and Making (Coursework)

Year 13 – A2 Product Design 3D

Unit 3: Design and Manufacture Paper (Exam)
Unit 4: Designing and Making Practice (Coursework)

Future study and career opportunities

Your A-Level in Product Design will provide you with the opportunity to further your education or develop your career opportunities in a wide range of design disciplines: architecture, product design and engineer are just a few examples. Students who take Product Design often combine their studies with Art & Design or Maths and Physics depending on which aspect of design they wish to aspire to.