• WEEK 1


Computing: Qualification for Today

A-Level OCR

This modern qualification gives students a general grounding in computing, including an understanding of computer systems, the principles of programming and problem-solving.
Through this qualification students can develop:
  • The capacity to think creatively, innovatively, analytically, logically and critically
  •  An understanding of the organisation of computer systems
  • The ability to apply skills, knowledge and understanding of computing, including programming, in a range of contexts to solve problems
  • The capacity to see relationships between different aspects of the subject
  • An understanding of the consequences of using computers, an awareness of emerging technologies and an appreciation of their potential impact on society.
Why choose OCR A-Level Computing?
  • It includes more computer science than traditional ICT
  •  It includes a practical coursework unit – which is the best way to assess a student’s level of practical skills in computing
  •  There is a simple assessment method, and examination papers are externally assessed
  • It is excellent preparation for students looking to take computing studies at degree level, or for anyone considering any kind of career in computing



Computer Fundamentals
Programming techniques and logical methods


Advanced Computing Theory